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Send out automatic email when an attendee hasn't joined Google Meet after 5 minutes of Event begin time.

  • 31 August 2022
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Hi Zapiers,

We’re trying to automate our customer interview recruitment process. This is how our current process looks like:

  • We use Hubspot as our CRM for audience management.
  • We use Appcues to recruit customers directly from our own application.
  • We use Calendly to schedule interviews with our customers in our agenda through Google Calendar.
  • We use a combination of Calendly, our own application Trengo and Hubspot for communication with our customers.

When an interview is scheduled with an customer, Calendly automatically sends out an confirmation email with their information and add the event to the customers and our Google Calendars. A day prior to the event an automatic reminder is send out through Calendly. 

As an extra step to prevent no-shows for interviews we want to send out a message 5 minutes after the event begins and when the customer hasn’t joined the meeting yet. 


  • 1, 2 or even 3 team members (1 main interviewer and 1 or 2 observers) join the Google Meet as attendees.
  • 1 or 2 customers join the Google Meet as attendees.
  • All of our team members join with an email ending with “”.
  • Our customers might join with different emails.
  • Sometimes customers do respond with “Yes” on the Google Calendar event, which means they are attending the Event. But:
    • They do not show up at all because they are busy;
    • They do not show up at all because they forgot;
    • They do not show up yet, because they don’t know how to join the Google Meet;
    • They do not show up yet, because they are having technical difficulties;
    • They do show up;

We’re trying to build a Zapier flow that triggers a message when the customer(s):

  • Said “Yes” to the Google Calendar Event.
  • Haven’t joined the Google Meet 5 minutes after the Event begins.

We’ve tried Google Calendar, Calendly and Google Meet as triggers. But so far we haven’t found a logical trigger. Our best try so far was:

  • Trigger with Google Calendar based on “Event Start” 6 minutes before:
    • Delay action for 11 minutes;
    • Filter action based on attendees;
  • Message action with Trengo App.
  • Voila?

Only thing is that filtering on Attendees gives us an incorrect trigger.

Any ideas for this complex flow?

Thanks in advance.



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Hi @Trengo!

That specific workflow isn’t possible with Zapier I’m afraid. There isn’t a trigger that would give you the attendees that are currently in the Google Meet meeting, which is what it sounds like you need here. 

Perhaps you could send a message out to all participants 10 minutes before the meeting with all the details to remind them? You could use the Event Start trigger to do that. I appreciate that’s not exactly what you’re looking for, but that’s the best approach I can think of. 

I hope that helps!