Send notification with link to Facebook Portal or Amazon Echo Show

  • 31 October 2021
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Any programmers out there who know a thing or two about sending notifications to Facebook Portal or Amazon Echo Show?

I put on a weekly online livestream piano singalong show for seniors. It can be viewed on a Portal using FB live or YT live. Works great. However it's several buttons to get in there and watch the show. I want something super simple for seniors. One button or voice command.

I have a text message notification service through Twilio that texts viewers a weblink at showtime. Which works great for cell phones and tablet viewers. But is there a way I can send a notifiication to a Portal/Echo Show? A notification that includes a weblink?

Example: Senior has a FB Portal (or Echo show) set up in his/her living room. Message comes in. "The show is live. Would you like to watch?"  They walk over to the screen and press YES.  Or just say YES. The show goes live onscreen. That easy. That's what I need to do.

Ready to hire programmer out there if you know how to get this job done please message me.

2 replies

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Hey @ChanceD11, welcome to the Community!

If Facebook Portal and Amazon Echo Show have public APIs that you can use, then you can potentially use a Webhook by Zapier step for this. You can find out more about sending webhooks here: Send webhooks in Zaps

That said, if you’d rather someone else built this for you, then I’d suggest checking out the Experts Directory where you can hire a Zapier Expert to set this up on your behalf. 

Hope that helps! :)

@ChanceD11 - if there was an app to book a 15-30 min session with an expert easily, would you try it? Please be brutally honest as I’m trying to work out whether to go ahead with this marketplace app. Thanks!