Send gmail after I sent a specific gmail to the same recipient

  • 16 April 2023
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Hi, so we have a Short-Term rental that a lot of people ask us the prices for specific days. I reply to their email with my gmail account.

We would like to send a reminder to them 2 days after if we can do anything to help them book with us? So we have to be careful not to trigger that zap twice if for example we have several email exchange with that specific person. What would be the flow of zap? 


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9 replies

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Hi @Fili.Jo 

Thanks for reaching out to the Community!

To ensure w’re on the same page, can you share what apps you’re trying to use for the workflow? That’ll help me make sure I give you the best suggestion possible.

Looking forward to your response!


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Well so far only Gmail. I don’t think I need more?

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Hi @Fili.Jo 

Jumping in to see if I can help!

Before we dig deeper into this, can you please share a detailed screenshot of how the Zap is configured to give us enough context? (Kindly blur any personal information/detail in the Zap)

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I havent had time to do it. I tried but didn't work sadly. 

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Hi @Fili.Jo 

Can you send screenshots of your Zap is set up so we know how it is configured?

Have you received an error message when the Zap ran?

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So I do not have it anymore. I deleted it. So the problem was to not make it run multiple times. I want to find a way to just run once and run only when I answered a specific answer. 

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Hey there @Fili.Jo - thanks for coming in and letting us know what you’d like to do. 

Below I’ll walk you through how I may set this up using Gmail and Filter steps! 

First, I’d make sure you have Gmail connected to your Zapier account, set the trigger up to “New Thread” and specify what text you’d want it to search for. 

Add a "Filter" action in your Zap.Set up the filter to only continue if the email thread contains only one email (meaning there was no reply yet). To do this you can use the "Thread: Number of Emails" field and set it to "less than" and the value "2". This will help prevent sending multiple reminders for the same email thread.

To accomplish the last piece that you mentioned, you can add in a Delay step. This would allow you to delay the sending of the follow up message for a specified amount of time. 


Does that help? If you keep getting stuck let us know and we’re here to help! 




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So ‘’ set the trigger up to “New Thread” and specify what text you’d want it to search for. ‘,

How do I specific? Because the email is gonna be in my sent box so I selected Sent. But how do I specify after that?

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Hi @Fili.Jo I think it will be really helpful to see a screenshot of your full Zap setup, so we can get a visual on what we’re working with! Please be sure to blur out any sensitive or identifying information, and we look forward to seeing your screenshots!