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  • 1 May 2020
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We are currently testing the paid Zapier account for the multi-zap ability, but before we proceed with purchasing, we need to figure out how to send an email (from Gmail) to our pre-set contact list in Google Contacts. Is this possible?


Goal: customer purchases a zoom class using WooCommerce. Wordpress automatically sends the live zoom class link. Once the class is done (and recorded) the recording link gets sent to only those that purchased it​​​​ (there are multiple options - with recording or class only)

  • we have successfully set up zap #1
    • Order in WooCommerce: new order trigger, continue filter if meta contains the word the word “recording” 
    • Find or Create Contact in Google Contacts
    • Add Contact to Group in Google Contacts (label “may 6”)
  • we need a second zap 
    • New Recording in Zoom
    • Only continue if… topic = May 6
    • Send Email in Gmail
      • I’m trying to extract all of the contacts labeled “may 6” from the first zap but “The value in the "Bcc" field is invalid.”

I can’t find any solution on how to send the email to the group - any advice appreciated!


Thank you!

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Hi there @Breanna ,


I think this would definitely be possible, but could you share some more details? Like, what kind of actions, and variables are you using? Maybe you can share a screenshot?

How does your google contacts look? Let me know