Send Daily Email Check-Ins to Clients with Google Sheets

  • 23 January 2022
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I would like to offer my clients daily email check-ins for accountability and am trying to find a way to automate this.


I created a google sheet with their name, email, email frequency, and goal.


I have a zap created using the schedule trigger to look up a row by email frequency (“daily”) and then generate and send an email in gmail asking the client how their goal is going.


The test row is working two days in a row now, but it looks like it will only perform the zap for one row as when I added a second row it completely ignored it and is still only running the zap for the test row. Any ideas on how can I get this to run for all matching rows in the given spreadsheet?

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1 reply

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Hi @aklina 

Please post screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured.


How many matching records would you have to iterate on for a given day?

What are the different cadences? (e.g. daily, weekly, etc.)


You may have to explore using a different app to handle these reminders as there are limitations with using GSheets to find/return multiple rows.


An app such as Airtable has APIs that can be used to pull back records in a matching View (aka Filtered data) and can also handle pagination (e.g. 100 records max per page).