send bulk sms at specific time twilio

  • 21 November 2022
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hello sir , i am using twilio for sending sms , i want to send bulk like 20k sms per day but i dont want to send bulk sms at the same time , like i have 20k numbers in my database , and i want to send sms to first 5k people at specific time eg. 10am , and after 1 hour hour , i want to again to 5k people sms , and after 2 hour i want to send again to 5k people , now till now total sms send to 15k people , and finally after few hours , i wanna send to rest 5k people and done , i want to repeat this process everyday but everyday numbers will be changes , please help me , i never used zapier , i am confiused in zap , so please guide me, thank you.

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2 replies

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Hi there @jasindsd - let me try to help you out here. I am Rachael, on the Community team- and I’m going to break down your question a little bit!

You want to have timed SMS messages sent to contacts you are updating in batches each day. Currently you are using Twilio to send these out. 

One suggestion I would have in running your Zap is exploring the Delay step, this allows you only to run the Zap at certain times, and pause so you aren’t sending all 20k messages at once. 

But to back up a bit, for building we talk about two parts of your Zap; A trigger and an action , you have your action chosen (sending a text) but your trigger could be any number of things. It could be using Twilio as well (like “every time a new phone number is added”) but it also could be something like Google Sheets. Where are you collecting these number and names? My suggestion would be to add them to a google sheet and have the Zap run off that, but if you send us some printscreens we can troubleshoot with you more.

Welcome again to the Community and we hope we can get you to the right spot!

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Hi again @jasindsd - I saw you posted similar questions twice, I went ahead and removed the other one and am merging replies here :] 


In short, you can do this with Twilio, and I saw you also contacted our friends in support, which is great! I am pasting their advice below too: 

You can space out the time these SMSs are sent in many different ways. Either with Delay steps, or by using Schedule by Zapier as your trigger.


Let us know how you get along in your progress and we look forward to following along!