Selecting first image in a list or line items for Shopify

  • 25 July 2020
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But it doenst work, if order have had a list of products… How could we pick first in list?

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Hi @DavidVon! I hope you don’t mind me moving this to a new post - the solution requires a few steps and I wanted to keep things as clear as possible for other folks who might have the same issue. 


Some background from the previous thread:

The Shopify New Order trigger doesn’t include product images. To work around this, you can add a Find Product step:


That will get you an image url that you can use in other steps of your Zap:


For your question, @DavidVon, you’re saying that in the New Order trigger, there are multiple items in the order and you need to get just the first product name to use in the Find Product step, is that right?


If that’s the case, then you can do that using a couple of Formatter steps. 


The first Formatter step that you’ll need is the Line Item to Text transform, which is under the ‘Utilities’ options:


Add the product title in the Input field. When the step runs, it will convert the product items into a text string with each product title separated by a comma. 


Then add a second Formatter step, this time choosing Text  > Split text

To set up the step:

  1. Put the text sting of the Product titles in the input field
  2. In the Separator field, type a comma
  3. For the segment index, choose first. 


When the action runs, it will give you the first Product title in the list. You can use that Product Title in the Find Product step, which will give you the product image 🙂