selecting a custom zoom webinar to add registrants to

  • 30 April 2020
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i’m trying to set up a new zap where i look up a record in airtable that contains a zoom webinar URL and an email address, and it registers that email address to that webinar


the problem is, i can’t figure out how to specify a custom webinar, using either the URL or the ID number at the end of the url. all i can see how to do is set up a zap for one webinar that i select myself


is there anything i can do here?

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7 replies

update -- just pasting in the ID must somehow be working on the backend, because it does somehow allow me to attempt to send the new registrant to zoom, but it says “Zapier had trouble retrieving custom fields from Zoom” and so I’m unable to populate the Last Name field, which causes a known bug

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Hi @lucidimmersive ,

Sorry for the delay in checking in to see if you were able to get your Zap configured to achieve your Zoom workflow! Please let us know if you are still encountering any trouble and we can work to get you squared away!

No, it’s still broken as far as I know. I got around it by just manually sending a link, but I don’t like that as it doesn’t allow me to specify type of registrant and so on.

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There might be a way to workaround the ‘Zapier had trouble retrieving custom fields from Zoom’ issue, if you’re up for giving it a try?


  1. In the Create Registrant step select a webinar that has the same custom fields as the webinar that you want to use
  2. Map the relevant fields (eg name, email address, etc)
  3. Change the webinar to Custom  - you’ll still see the message that the Zap can’t retrieve the custom fields, ignore that for now
  4. You may also see a warning about their being extra fields in the Zap, ignore that too
  5. Test the Create registrant step

Could you give that a go and wee if it works? It’s a workaround that I’ve not tried for Zoom, but I know works for other apps when the editor can’t load fields if you’re using a Custom ID for something. 


I’ll give it a look if I try that workflow again. Thank you!

Can we connect our zoom software to meeting without login and accessing through Gmail? I want to do meeting of my project of shower reviews on zoom.

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@shansoue33 Can you explain in a bit more detail what you’re trying to do.