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Searching an Existing Database for Duplicates

  • 12 February 2020
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I am using Google Sheets to trigger a Zap to import my leads into my CRM (Apto - which is a part of SalesForce).

I want to search my Database by E-mail and Phone # before adding my "new" contact into my CRM.

How can I check my existing database to make sure it doesn't include any of the new leads from my Google Sheet, so that I won't create Duplicate Records in my CRM?

Please help! Thank you.


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3 replies

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Hi @NewbieDeveloper is Apto a Zapier integration that you've been invited to try, or is it one that you're building yourself? Or are you integrating with Apto using the Salesforce Zapier app?

If you could give us some more detail on that, we'll know how we can best help 🙂

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I am planning on using Zapier to Integrate with Apto by using the Salesforce Zapier app.

This is because I joined a new company that uses Apto, and I want to upload my leads into the system, but I want it to check for duplicates before running any additional tasks (like e-mailing or scheduling future tasks) that I set up after the New Item in Spreadsheet Trigger.

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If you're using Salesforce then you can use the action 'Find Record' (make sure you're using the new Salesforce integration, not the one that says 'Legacy'.

You can select the option to create a record if one isn't found, so that will add any new contacts your CRM.

For the next step, add a Filter step that looks at the field 'Zap data was found' - that tells you whether or not a contact was found (true) or wasn't, so a new one was created (false).

I hope that helps, let us know if you have any questions!