Scroll Website & Create GIF Then Put Into Cloud Drive

  • 22 April 2023
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My entire zap would be this sequence:

[Google Sheets] New Row -> [Apify] Create GIF from webpage -> [Apify] Download GIF -> [Google Drive] Upload GIF to folder -> [Highlevel] Upload GIF to Contact


It doesn’t have to be done exactly as I have laid out above, so long as the end result it the same. The trigger could also be a webhook 😀

I am not a coder but understand Zapier, I know this is possible, I just don't know how to do it.

Can anyone help me with this please?



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5 replies

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Hi @gorilla 

Thanks for reaching out to the Community!

I’m sorry you’re having issues creating your Zap.

To ensure I understand, could you elaborate more on the issue? If you can phrase it in the “When A happens in Service X, B should happen in Service Y” format, that’ll help me make sure I give you the best suggestion possible.

Also, are you getting error message when creating the Zap? If so, kindly include the screenshot of the error message so I can check it as well. (If there’s any personal information, kindly blur them.)

I want to ensure we’re on the same page so I can point you in the right direction!

My entire zap would be this sequence:

[Google Sheets] New Row:

When my CRM sends a contact to Sheets it will have a lot of data, but the most important is the URL field


[Apify] Create GIF from webpage:

Will go to the provided URL and create a GIF


[Apify] Download GIF:

After the GIF has been created in the previous step it will need to be downloaded


[Google Drive] Upload GIF to folder:

once the GIF has been created and downloaded, add it to a specific folder in my Drive. The file will be named the same as the URL


 [Highlevel] Upload GIF to Contact:

The uploaded GIF is then obtained from my drive and sent back to High Level and uploaded into a custom field to then be included in an email.

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Hi @gorilla!

I’m not super familiar with Apify, and I feel like that’s where a lot of the heavy lifting is going to happen. I’ve not used Apify before so we might need to do some experimenting to figure this one out. The Google Drive to Highlevel steps should be easier to work out, so let’s start with the Apify ones and see if we can get those sorted. 

Apify is a webscraper, right? And from the Zapier integration it looks like you can tell it to run tasks - would they be things like find gif? Create gif? 

When you test that as an action, what data do you get? Does it provide you with the gif file? If not it looks like you be able to use the Fetch dataset items action to find data that Apify has stored. That might give you the gif as a url or as a file (both of which you can use to add the gif to google drive). Could you have a play with the Apify actions and see if any of them will provide you with either the gif as a file or a publicly available url. 

​I hope that's clear, please let us know if you have any questions!

I fixed it. 

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Ah, that’s great, @gorilla! Would love to know how you managed to sort this out if you don’t mind sharing. 🙂