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Scheduling the sending of tweets from a Google sheet

  • 17 February 2020
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I'm new to Zapier so please forgive me if this is obvious.

I want to make a simple setup that pulls in tweets that mention my Twitter handle to a Google sheet, then retweets the tweet after a number of days (which varies depending on the tweet).

I've done the first part using Search Mention in Twitter... Create Spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets. It seems to work fine.

My Google Sheet then calculates the date/time for the retweet and puts this in a column.

However I cannot work out if there's a way to get Zapier to do this retweet according to the schedule. So far I've tried:

  1. When a new spreadsheet row is added, send tweet. I've set it to watch a tab which is supposed to populate a new row in the "send" sheet according to the schedule, however this doesn't really work as I think the sheet needs to be open all the time to do this.
  2. Once a day (Scheduler) check a sheet tab for content and send tweets. However I'm not sure this would work for multiple tweets (and I'm not sure if Google sheets again needs to be open all the time to get it to update).

Is there something I'm missing? Is there a better way?

Many thanks in advance.


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Hi @kieran_nocodelife

You definitely don't need to have the sheet open all the time for a zap to work. So in this case, your first option is by far the easiest.

How are you doing the retweet by the way, as Zapier doesn't support it natively? I'm thinking you'll just create a tweet with "RT" at the beginning. Curious to see if this works!

Assuming you'd want to do all the day's RTs at the same time, then you could make option 2 work.

Check out my video:

You'd basically replace the "Status" column with the date you want to post. The trigger zap would then need to pass today's date, via the webhook, to the looper zap, so the looper zap goes through and finds every row with that date (then just replace the date with a dash or something). Finally that email step would change to a tweet step.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks Andrew, that's super helpful. Gonna try it out now if I can.

I'm actually doing Create Tweet and then including the URL of the original Tweet in the body, it seems to have the same effect as a RT.

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@kieran_nocodelife - Interesting, did not know that!

If you have any issues, report back here and we'll help.