Schedule by Zapier, shorter interval?

  • 8 November 2021
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I’m looking to build a zap that sync’s data from A to B however the Schedule by Zapier’s lowest interval is hourly. I was wondering if anyone knows an app where I can trigger every few mins?

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1 reply

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Hi @Jameswin 

Try this with 2 Zaps...


Zap 1

  1. Trigger: Webhook
  2. Action: Delay For:
  3. Trigger: Webhook
    1. POST Webhook to the URL generated from Zap 2 AND URL generated from Step 1, thus creating a Loop with a Delay
    2. Check this help article for how to configure the POST Webhook URL with mutliple webhook IDs:


Zap 2

  1. Trigger: Webhook
  2. Action: ???