Schedule a zap to read all sheets data and update them in MySQL

I’ve done successfuly a Zap that triggers to New or Updated Rows in Sheets and then update it in MySQL.


But, I’m not being able to do the same using another trigger, like Schedule.


Why I’m not archieving? Simples: As long “New or Updated Row” is a trigger, I cannot put a trigger before that.


I tried to reproduce that zap using Schedule trigger, but there’s none option in Sheets integration to read a sheet or got values from that, to export to another place.


What I want? To set a Schedule that everyday at 7 AM my spreadsheet got sync with my DB in MySQL.


Any idea how to do it?

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Actually there’s the “Get Many/Look Up for Spreadsheet Rows” event, but it is limited to 500 and need a key to search in rows. I need to lookup for all rows, with no limitation. 

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Hi @aigorlaxy, welcome to the Community! 😁

Ah yes, the Lookup Spreadsheet Rows and Get Many Spreadsheet Rows are limited to 500 results. I’m not sure a scheduled sync would be necessary here though.

Using the New or Updated Spreadsheet Row as the trigger for a Zap which then adds/updates the relevant record in the mySQL database allows the changes to be replicated as they happen. There’s a similar trigger for the mySQL app (New or Updated Row) which would allow you to run a Zap that replicates any changes in the database in the Google Sheets spreadsheet as they happen too.

So both the mySQL database and Google Sheets spreadsheet would be kept up to date with any changes as and when they happen, so a scheduled sync of information wouldn’t be required. The important thing to note on this is that Zapier is not designed for this sort of two way sync of information as it can often lead to Zap loops being created by accident. So you’d need to implement a way of preventing both Zaps from triggering one another continually when an update occurs (creating a non-stop Zap loop). You can find out more about how to avoid creating Zap loops here: Zap is stuck in a loop

Hope that helps to get you pointed in the right direction. If you run into any issues or further questions just let us know!