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Schedule a step to be triggered on "The First Monday of the Month"

  • 10 March 2020
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Schedule by Zapier does simple recurring schedules like Monthly, Daily, Weekly, Hourly, but I have a client who needs to trigger their Zap on "The First Monday of the Month".

What's the best way to do that (automatically and thus not by entering all these key dates into Google Calendar or a spreadsheet to look them up).

We can run a daily schedule to then ask "Is today the first Monday of the month" and then if it is, then execute the rest of the Zap.

I did see that the date formatter can figure out date phrases like "Monday", or "Next Monday", but it fails on "The First Monday of the Month" returning instead the current Monday, not the 1st one for the month.

Code in Python or JS could get the job done. But short of that, is there an easier way anyone knows or can suggest? I'd like to enable by customer to manage the Zap themselves (and code is not in their wheelhouse)


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Hi @khakman

You could schedule a zap to run daily then add a filter step to continue only if the day number is less or equal 7 and the day is Monday. This condition will only match the first Monday of the month.

Step 01:


Step 02: