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Salesforce to monday invalid value

  • 16 February 2021
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I am trying to set a zap that creates a new entry on a specific monday board every time a salesforce opp is closed won, I am getting this error but after checking 5 times all the field names for the columns in Monday are correct and case sensitive 


any help would be greatly appreciated! as a side note I tried it at first just with the first column “numbers” and it worked fine only when I added the rest did I get this error


Best answer by nicksimard 17 February 2021, 21:32

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Are you following the guidelines here - - for how to format different column type values? Monday is very picky when it comes to formatting.

A screenshot of your field mappings would be useful.


Everything matches up exactly as the board lists it

@AndrewJDavison_Luhhu  thanks for taking a look!

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I'm going to flag this post for the Zapier Community Team. They should have more insight on this and can escalate to the support team if needed.

Sit tight, and someone will contact you soon.

@AndrewJDavison_Luhhu I got it to work, but the dropdown and date fields are not being populated when testing the zap




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Hi @jazman321!

After we reached out to the team they said they’d been getting a lot of questions like this, so they created a guide you can check out:

I think you’ll find what you need in that help article :)

@nicksimard thanks for sending that, its what I used to write the JSON code, but all the dropdown fields are not pulling the data, only links and numbers are working

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Hi @jazman321 !

In your screenshot I see that you didn’t use the word “labels” but instead you mapped a field from Salesforce:

If you replace all of those mapped fields with the word “labels” it should work for you :)

I tried it and got it to work:

Can you give that a shot?

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Hi @jazman321 

Were you able to get this squared away based on the previous suggestions?

Please let us know, thanks.