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Salesforce Quote in Accepted Stage to Create Invoice QuickBooks

Hi I am looking to set up a zap for when my salesforce organisation has a quote in the accepted stage, it creates an invoice in quickbooks that contains the product lines and details etc. I also want to be able to see what has been paid back inside salesforce, probably a custom field that links to quickbooks.


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HI @henry simcott 

I would start by triggering my Zap off of Salesforce’s Updated Field on Record Trigger. You should be able to set that to watch for the specific stage. 

Likely, you will then need to use fields from the trigger step to find the customer & find the products in QBO. Finally, you can pass all of the information into a Create Invoice Step. The flow would resemble something like the following:


Trigger: Updated Field on Record (Salesforce)
Step 2: Find Customer (QBO)
Step 3: Find Products (QBO)
Step 4: Create Invoice (QBO)

Thanks @GetUWired , 

I have realised I may need to create products and customers in quickbooks using this zap if they cant be matched to one in salesforce, does this add much complexity?

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Both of the Find Actions should have an option to create a record if a record is not found so it does not complicate the process that much.

@henry simcott we recently discovered that it can be quite convoluted when needing to add multiple line-items to a bill or invoice in Quickbooks. We actually needed to write a codeblock to achieve it, and an additional ‘calculation’ phase in Google Sheets (to collate our comma separated items array, through which the codeblock iterated). All the best!

@awilson  thanks for the well wishes, I am now seeing a layer of complexity at the products stage also that I am struggling to get past, gotta keep at it I guess :sweat_smile:

Henry - let me know if you want any help with that.

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Yes, these types of automations can be rather complex. I have even resorted to rebuilding QBO actions using their api to accomplish such tasks.

Tim @ GetUWired