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Salesforce product based on Memberpress transaction

  • 27 February 2023
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We are struggling to find a way to get the outcome we are hoping for in a zap but hoping that it is possible!

We have zaps already set up to create an account and opportunity in salesforce based on a memberpress sign up taking place. 

What we'd like, is for a product to be added to the opportunity in salesforce, with a price that reflects the memberpress transaction.


We have seen how to add the product in the zaps we've already created- after the opportunity is created we can then create the opportunity product to go with it, but because that zap is based on a memberpress signup, it doesn’t have the transaction information to draw on for the sales price. The sales price isn't necessarily set, e.g. a user might have a coupon code, so they pay a discounted rate in memberpress, and we'd like that to then be the sales price for the opportunity product. 


When we tried setting up a new zap based on the transaction, we couldn't then make sure we were attaching the product to the correct opportunity as we didn’t have the variables we needed to choose from there either. 


Any advice on how we can make this work will be greatly appreciated!




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4 replies

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Hi @EqualiTeach 

Good question.

Have you tried adding one of these Zap actions for MemberPress to see if it includes the desired data point?


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Hi Troy, Thank you,

yes we tried ‘get transaction’ but it seems to want us to provide the transaction number, rather than it searching for an associated transaction, so from what I can see it doesn’t really help/doesn’t operate as broadly as other ‘search’ actions seem to. perhaps I’ll try ‘get member’ to see if that brings transaction info across with it..

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Hey @EqualiTeach!

Any luck with the Get Member action?

Is there some way to use one of the transaction-related triggers, then find the person and attach it that way? Maybe you have an intermediary lookup table in something like Sheets or Airtable that you can check against?

I’m just trying to think of some ways around this. I realize you may not want to involve other apps in the process.

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Thanks everyone- it worked! Using the ‘get member’ action, I could then ‘create record’ in salesforce and base the sales price on the latest transaction amount for the member.