Salesforce: OwnerID to Owner name no longer works

  • 17 February 2022
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I am using Zapier to send CSAT surveys based on closed cases, but I can no longer pull the Case Owner into the Zap from Salesforce, I can only get the alphanumeric OwnerID. I found this post from 2020: 

but it no longer works, because the “User” object is no longer available in the Salesforce Object drop down in the  ‘Find Record’ action. Is there another way to go about this? 

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3 replies

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The Salesforce objects in the Find Record search action are loaded dynamically from your Salesforce account. If you’ve renamed the “User” object it might appear as something else. 

the easiest way to look for the object api name would be to navigate to your Object Manager tab in Salesforce and look for something like User or Owner or whatever it could be. 


Thanks. We haven’t renamed it but I suspect I found the issue. We have “Hide User Data” enabled and I believe that is blocking Zapier from pulling the data I need. We are working on releasing that specific field and will update here if it solves my issue. 

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Thanks for the update! Please let us know!