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Salesforce/ Jira Comments and attachments

  • 12 January 2021
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I am evaluating using zapier for Salesforce <> Jira integration. I can see how to workaround and create “both way sync of fields”. But I do have 3 questions regarding syncing fields, comments and attachments.

  1. Is there a way to create “middleware field values mapping”? Example Jira status values are Open, In Progress, Closed. In SF we do have values New, In Progress, Solved. Can I map ‘Open’ value from Jira to ‘New’ value in SF?
  2. For comments it look like it will be possible to get comment from Jira( ), but I have no experience using Zapier. The question is, if I can share it to SF (I was thinking maybe to field Internall Comments with tag #Jira before that), and also get comments from SF (from internall comments field AND from feed itself) to post as a comment to Jira (Action add Comment to Jira is available).
  3. Last, but crucial for us is work with attachments/files, I can see action Create Attachment for SF, but for our use case more important is to get file from SF and create it in Jira.


Zapier looks great and I want to give a try, but for current project these are 3 limitations which I am not sure if we can handle.


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Hi @KarolM, welcome to the Community!


I’ll do my best to answer your questions:


  1. Yes, you can create a Lookup table using Formatter by Zapier. The lookup table will allow you to map the statuses from Jira to those in Salesforce and vice versa. 
  2. From what you’ve written, this should be possible, yes. It’s tricky to give you a definite yes or no as it depends on where in Salesforce you want to add the comments/notes and Salesforce is very customizable so everyone’s instance is slightly different 
  3. This is the one that I’m least sure about (though I know that it’s the most important for you!) Only certain Zapier actions support using files/attachments so it may be better to give this a try with the trigger (from Salesforce) and action (to Jira) that you’d like to use. If you’re not sure after giving that a go, then the best thing to do is to contact the Support team as they will be able to dig into your Zap and the actions that you want to use with you. You can contact them using the Get help form: