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  • 29 January 2021
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I’ve created a Zap with a ‘Find Record’ action in Salesforce. I have checked the box ‘Create Salesforce Record if it doesn’t exist yet?’. I would suppose that if a record is found based on my search value, no information is overwritten in Salesforce. However that seems to happen with my Zap. 


For example: Name of existing contact in Salesforce is A B. With my zap i want to input new info from my webshop. A customer with the name D B (for example the husbadn) places an order and uses the same email that’s already known in Salesforce. As a result the name of my existing contact changes to A B. 


Is this normal behaviour for this action? Is there a way to avoid it?  

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@Kris VK 

Depends on what data point is being used to match on and how your Zap steps are configured.

The Find/Create Record step will either find a record or create a new record, it won’t update an existing record.

FYI: When you Zap runs for that step it will indicate with a data point (search for “zap”) whether the Search found a match or not.

Perhaps you can share a screenshot with the steps of your Zap and how those are configured.

Seems like there might be an Update Record step in your Zap that is being used to overwrite the data.