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Salesforce - Account Fields - Connecting to Airtable

  • 19 March 2021
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Hi Zap crew,


I have a quick question about a Salesforce integration - I am able to do this in Integromat, but as I paid for Zapier would love to do it here too - I want to connect Airtable to Salesforce and update a text field.


The problem I have is that when I click Account within the Zap, I want the Account Fields not the actual accounts - does that make sense?


Any help would be much appreciated.






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8 replies

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Hi @itswesty 

Can you please provide screenshots to add some context to what you’ve described?

Perhaps also outline the Steps in your Zap, thanks.

Sure thing so the SF Fields I want to populate with information rather than actual SF Accounts if that makes sense.

In Integromat when I select either the Account or the Opportunity I can select the specific field I want to update - if that makes sense..?

The steps are - App Airtable, Trigger Event, New or Updated Record, Trigger is Last Modified, and I connect to the Account 18 Digit ID. I want to update a Status and Next Steps Field, but I can’t find that field in the Update Record in Salesforce Action.

Happy to help with any further questions if I am not being clear.


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Hi @itswesty 

Make sure all required fields are selected, and try clicking the [Refresh Fields] button at the bottom of the configuration section.

You can map a dynamic data point for a field using the ‘Custom’ mapping option.


NOTE: You may have to add a Salesforce Find Record step to get the internal Account ID to map dynamically.

If these desired fields to update are not visible on the Account Object, but other fields are, then you may have to adjust field settings in Salesforce, or those fields may exist on a different Salesforce Object related to the Account. 

Give that a try and let us know.

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Custom fields/objects not loading

Sometimes when you add custom fields or objects in Salesforce, there is a delay between when they will appear in the Zap editor.
To fix this with a trigger you can scroll to the bottom of the Salesforce Object menu and select to reload and bring in new choices.

If you are dealing with actions, here's a couple steps that may help:

  • Hard refreshing the page (Shift+F5 on a PC or CMD+Shift+R on a Mac) a couple times
  • Click ‘Refresh fields’ at the bottom of the Zap step
  • Copy that Zap and edit the copied version to see if the fields appear
  • Recreate the Zap from scratch
  • Wait a while longer, sometimes it takes a little while for the cache to refresh with those fields

Thanks I will try both of these - seems like Zapier is more complicated than Integromat…?

Probably just me!

Will get back to you, thanks again


I think I know what the problem is - when I add a Find Record Action in, it completes fine - it matches the 18 digit Salesforce ID with the one in Airtable, but when it comes to Updating the Record - instead of being able to click on a record to update, it wants to default to actual accounts, rather than the field within an account

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Try using the ‘Custom’ option to dynamically map the data point for the Account ID.

Once a Record ID is mapped, the Account fields should appear, else you can try clicking the Refresh Fields button.

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