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Running Paths with known stopped tasks

  • 23 August 2020
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Building a system where new calendly event triggers a series of webhooks on MinbodyOnline.
I’ve accomplished the below with two separate tasks but wondering if it would work as a path.

Trigger: New invitee in Calendly

Path A:
 - POST to create a new client in MBO’s CRM

Path B:

 - GET to find the client’s ID by their Email
 - POST to create a calendar event in MBO



The reason I need two separate zaps or two legs of a path is that there are times where someone is already created in MBO and if I try to “re-create” them, it will error out.

If I get the error in Path A, will it continue to Path B or stop the workflow?


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Believe each Path will run if the filter conditions are met.

Why not setup and test using Paths to confirm?

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Hi @Robert_Segelquist ,

Paths by Zaper is basically an if/else statement.

  • If a condition before the path meets something, it runs the next step.
  • Else if it meets something else, it runs another step

Paths can’t really be used when you want both path A & path B to be running. Try to use the following instead maybe:

  • A filter, that checks if the contact already excists
  • A path that either;
    • Runs a next step if the filter is true
    • Or another step (or nothing) if the filter is false

Hope this helps you!


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FYI: Per Zapier documentation - “If a set of trigger data meets more than one path’s rule(s), it will go down each of those of paths.”


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@Troy Tessalone , that was what I thought - more wondering on if I have a known task that will stop the flow what would happen.

I am testing it, just wondered if anybody else had, because it’s several steps to set this system up, and if somebody knew that it would create a fail point, saves me the trouble.

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@Robert_Segelquist I think that if one of the paths gets stopped the whole flow of the path gets stopped. Thats why I proposed the filter setup. Haven’t tested it however, let me know!

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Believe each path will run even if resulting in an error.

Similar to how a Zap will proceed even in error if the future steps don’t rely upon data from the step that resulted in an error.

To test, you could create a simplified dummy Zap to check.