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Run Zap on a weekly basis

  • 17 October 2022
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I’m trying to send data to customer match list in google Ads (From Shopify), but I want to run the zap automatically just once a week, otherwise, it would create way too many tasks which become more expensive, the Zap is working ok, I just need to set up the recurring task on a weekly basis or even daily. Has anyone gone through a similar process ??



Best answer by jesse 17 October 2022, 19:30

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4 replies

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 Hi @Camilo Morales 

would love to help you you can use schedule by zapier so it will run only on Daily or weekly basis its depends upon your needs 

let me know if you have any further questions

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Hey @Camilo Morales! I just wanted to pop in here to clarify a few important details!

Ashar is correct that you can use the “Schedule by Zapier” app to only take actions during a schedule you set. However, if you are needing to schedule pulling data and then sending it to another app, the Schedule app won’t work for that use case. 

You might instead, use a “Delay by Zapier” step in between your trigger and action. That will wait a certain amount of time to take the action. So, if you wanted to delay your actions until “Thursday” for instance, you can do that.

One super important thing to know here is that neither of the methods listed above will assist in saving Tasks. This is because Tasks are not counted by how many times a Zap runs but rather how many times an action is taken.

So, let’s say you set up your Zap as usual and it receives 2 orders on Monday, 1 on Tuesday, and 2 on Wednesday. As soon as the orders are received, they add a contact to a customer list in Google Ads. So in this example, 5 total contacts are added, equalling 5 Tasks used across 3 days. 

Now, if you set up your Zap to delay until Thursday morning, all 5 contacts (totaled from Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday) will be processed Thursday morning and will also equal 5 tasks. Furthermore, adding in a delay counts as another Task each time the Zap runs. In conclusion, there really isn’t a way to workaround being charged for legitimate actions being taken (Task usage).

I hope that helps clarify a bit and please let us know if you have any other questions!

thanks @jesse , It makes sense, I’ll sort out then my budget and see what can I automate and what I need to keep doing manually. Thank you :) 

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@Camilo Morales my pleasure! We’re here if you need anything else or even if you want someone to lean on while you’re thinking through a workflow. :)