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Run now option for Zaps

  • 14 January 2021
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Hi All, 

As far as I can tell the “Run Now” option has been removed from the “Instant”  application Zaps. 

The problem is that they are not instant and when delivering training or just testing, it can be a a while waiting for them to run. 

Are there any workarounds to manually run instants? 




Best answer by Troy Tessalone 14 January 2021, 16:09

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2 replies

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Zaps marked as INSTANT do not have the Run option as those most often use webhooks to send notifications of events, vs non-Instant triggers that use polling on cron jobs (set schedules).

Learn more about the trigger difference here:


Do you have an example of an app’s trigger?


The Google Sheets trigger is marked "instant" but it still takes a few minutes to trigger.

The new and updated spreadsheet row triggers for Google Sheets are unique in that when there is a trigger event in the spreadsheet, Zapier gets a notification webhook from the Google about this following that notification, Zapier sends Google Sheet a request asking for new data. After this, the trigger works using the normal polling mechanism and these new or updated rows returned will trigger the Zap. This process takes about 3 minutes overall so although the Google Sheets trigger is marked "instant" it really is a hybrid of both webhook and polling techniques. While being slower than any other "instant" trigger, it's still faster than all polling triggers which would take 5 or 15 minutes.

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Thanks, I realise that is the case but, as I say, when you are presenting a demonstration or testing multiple times, then the 3 minutes can mount up. Not a big issue when live but worse off when testing/demonstrating