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Round Robin - Pipedrive - can't assign the Owner

  • 18 March 2021
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  1. I’ve created Round-robin via zapier to distribute leads between our sales team.
  1. i’ve connected pipedrive with one account of our sales team 
  1.  assigned the ouner to the round-robin output
  1. when i check pipedrive i always find the team member that i’ve connected his email (2.) is the owner of the deal on pipedrive, not the output of the roundrobin

Can anyone help me with this issue please ??



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6 replies

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Hi @Ayoub K 

Check that there aren’t Pipedrive Workflow Automation Rules overriding what’s being set by the Zap.

You can determine this by looking in the Pipedrive Settings, as well as checking the history log of changes on the Deal.

Also check the Zap Runs history details for the DATA IN/OUT for each step:

@Troy Tessalone 

i’ve checked pipedrive aorkflow there’s no overriding.

and about DATA IN/OUT i found out that the owner in DATA IN is not the owner in the DATA OUT




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@Ayoub K 

Pipedrive expects the User ID to be mapped in this field for Owner.

Make sure you are passing in a numeric value.

Guess is if you are not passing in a numeric value, then the default Owner is being selected per some configuration in the Pipedrive settings.


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Hey @Ayoub K!

Were you able to get the Formatter step in your Zap to output the IDs of the users for the Pipedrive Owner field? Which Formatter function are you using?  

Hi, find the Pipdrive user first by matching the name. 

This will get the ID and then you can set the owner using the ID. 

My zaps create a person as deals and leads are created in Pipedrive automations based upon lead source. 


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Just wanted to jump in to summarise the answer here! :)

  • Pipedrive is expecting to receive an ID number for the owner, instead of a name.
  • To get the ID number, add a Pipedrive Find User search step. This will allow the Zap to search for the user in Pipedrive using the name that’s output from the “round-robin” Formatter step. 
  • Then in Owner field on the Create Deal step you’d choose the Custom value option and select ID field from the Find User step. For example: