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  • 31 March 2021
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Hi there - 

I’m trying to connect RingCentral into my CRM to show call data. I’m encountering a hiccup testing my connection to RC.


We’re a new RC customer. There’s only a few calls in there. My account is a SuperAdmin w/o an extension. 
I’m trying to take call logs of our two remote salespeople and append that into our CRM. I’m not concerned about connecting via Zap whatsoever, as I’ve connected tons of Zaps. 

I successfully connected my account to Zapier, and went to test a Zap of a call ending in RC. When I test the Zap, I get this message:

We couldn’t find a call

Create a new call in your  RingCentral account and test your trigger again.

If I click on the call log in RC, I see calls in there. I cannot figure out why it wont detect the call.

Is it because I am a SuperAdmin, and it’s only looking for calls on my account? I’ve tried searching for a solution on this and nothing is out there.

The only thing I was thinking was to get the credentials of our two sales people and login as them as a connection on Zapier and test that way. I really hope that is not the only way to make this work, as a simple password change from them will break the zap. RC’s support does not seem to understand integrations, so any assistance owuld be wonderful!

Thank you

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2 replies

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Hi @SB! 

Not all recordings, calls, SMSs, or voicemails are triggering my zap

The RingCentral API will only send back the recordings, calls, SMSs, voicemails, etc for the logged in user.
If you need to get recordings for other users, you'll need to connect their RingCentral accounts to Zapier and set up a Zap for each one.
Once you have 1 Zap set up, you can copy it (you can do so by clicking on the down arrow on the right side of the Zap from your dashboard and selecting "copy") and then swap out the connected account in the trigger.

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Hey @SB!, hope you’re doing well, I just wanted to check in on this post. :)

Where you able to sort things out with the information shared by Troy?