Retrieving Matter Type Name from ActionStep

  • 25 October 2022
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Does anyone know how to do this, or if it’s possible within a zap? I’d be very grateful for any suggestions.

  1. My zap trigger is New Matter Participant (in ActionStep), which returns:

    Id:                                                       99--58--6047
    Participant Number:                            1
    Linked Action ID:                              99           = Matter Name ID
    Linked Participant Type ID:                 58
    Linked Participant ID:                      6047       = Contact ID
  2. I then added a Find Matter step, fed in the Linked Action ID from step 1 and got the Matter Name, which was one of the fields I wanted.
    Find Matter also returns a value for “Linked Action Type ID” which is the ID for Matter Type Name… But is there a Zap I can feed this ID into to return the Matter Type Name?

    Many thanks.



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3 replies

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Hi @CommodoreChris 

Good question.

Perhaps try one of these ActionStep Zap actions:


Thank you for your reply, @Troy Tessalone!

That’s a good idea, and I did try both of those actions:



But the test result for both was “No data available”. (Action Type ID 7 should return ‘CRM’).


Here’s the meta data returned by “Retrieve Matter Custom Field Value”, in case it helps. Surely Matter Name and Field Value ID should contain data..?


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Hey @CommodoreChris sorry for the trouble here! Let’s see if we can get this turned around. You’re correct, those fields should be populating IF a “Matter” was found. If the test result is coming back with “No data available”, then it looks like the Zap isn’t finding that particular field on a matter with the ID of 98.

If you pull up the matter with ID 98 in Actionstep, are you seeing that field exist? Can you confirm it’s filled out? If all appears correct on the Actionstep side, it sounds like this might be one to take to support:

I saw you were in touch with them recently about another custom field-related matter so I’m sorry to send you back in that direction, but our support team is excellent. They will take good care of you and get this one figured out. 💖