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Retaining Text Formatting when Appending Text to Word Document from OpenAI Prompts

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I am sending prompts to openai and gathering information and then dropping it into a word document. The first ‘drop’ created the doc and the formatting is clean. The second ‘drop’ after ai i prompted to generate the content uses ‘append text to document’ and all of its formatting is stripped out. Any idea how to keep the formatting? It turns it into one large paragraph of text. 


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Before the second drop, you need to get the format. Then, do the second drop, use formatter to append the output.

Note: This work only if the format generated in the first drop is constant each time.

If format is not constant each time, you may need to use Openai again to tell ai to put the second text to the old format.

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Hey there,  @ScottAAA - thanks for reaching out!

It sounds like you’re running into a known Google Docs bug where appending text removes the previous formatting. I did add you as an impacted user so we’ll be sure to email you once a fix is implemented. There’s also a main thread here we’ll update if a workaround or fix is available 👇🏽:

In an effort to streamline communication, I’ll be closing this thread but if you’d like to receive notifications in community regarding the status you can follow along there. 🙂

Sorry to not have better news here but definitely appreciate you flagging this in community!