ResourceGuru: how do I know when a project has been finished?

  • 6 October 2020
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I find the resourceguru integration quite useless.. it has a “project update” trigger, to know when a project has been updated, but the information that I obtain is the project name, the date, and few other useless fields. One of them is “state” which is always “update”…

I would like to know the state of the project after being updated… has the project been marked as finished? How do I know that?






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6 replies

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Hi @Jbmixed 

Unfortunately, if there isn’t an existing trigger for it, then it can’t be done right now. Would you like to add a feature request for this?

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How do I do that?


I assume it will have little effect though...

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Hi @Jbmixed! In cases like this, where the app integration is built and maintained by the app company, Zapier can submit a feature request for the integration on behalf of our users. The Resource Guru team will be able to see the request and how many users are interested in seeing it. 


It looks like this isn’t an existing feature request, so I’m going to pass this to the Zapier support team so that we can get some more detail from you about what you’d like to see. Someone from the team will be in touch asap!

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Hi Danvers,


I understand that the development is held by the third party company, but I believe that Zapier should make sure that:

  1. Integrations work (I haven’t found many situations where this is not the case lately)
  2. The features offered by the integration provide enough functionality. At the moment the integration with resource guru is totally useless…



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Hey @Jbmixed - Did you consider using Webhooks for this instead of the native zapier app? There’s a tutorial here:

So you could create the trigger yourself, following this tutorial:

This way you’d be able to choose the data you send to Zapier, and wouldn’t be limited by the application. 

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I probably could -I did with google sheets before- but that’s a lot more complicated and a disadvantage VS the easy of use of Zapier integrations… the Resourceguruapp integration is very poor, it shouldn’t even be there.