Replying Outlook emails by new comment on Asana Task using Zapier

  • 15 October 2021
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Hello Everyone, 

I am looking for a way to automate email replies through Asana

I have already set up a flow when a new email comes to Outlook a new Task to be created on Asana

Next step i am looking to intergrade is to be able to selectively sent an email by commenting on a task probably using a tag. 

No1: To send ONLY one comment - not all the task 

No2: To send multiple sections of a task. Subject / Description / Comments / Attachments etc


Please help if this is possible with Asana and Outlook 



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2 replies

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Hey @Athena,

It sounds like you’re looking to send an email when a task in Asana is given a specific tag, is that correct?

If so I’d have thought you could achieve this by setting up a Zap with the following trigger and action steps:

  • Trigger: Tag Added to Task in Asana
  • Action: Send Email in Microsoft Outlook 

When you say you want “To send ONLY one comment - not all the task“ are you referring to sending out a single email and not an email every time a tag is added? If that’s the case it looks as though the Tag Added to Task trigger has the ability to select a specific tag so you could set up a Zap that only triggers when a specific tag is added to a task, not when any tag is added.

With the “Subject / Description / Comments / Attachments” details I don’t think we get those fields when using the Tag Added to Task trigger. So you may want to try using a Find Task by ID search action to look for the task (using the ID output by the Tag Added to Task step) to see if that give you those details.

Hopefully that helps to get you pointed in the right direction! :)

I have tried all possible triggers, 

The problem is that I can set this rules to apply only on one specific task and I cannot make the trigger look on all Tasks of a project. 


Is there a way to check all Tasks of a project in one of my triggers ?