Replace/Remove Text After specific character in line item

I am processing orders from Woocommerce and sending to Xero. I have some products with similar SKUs which I want to simplify. (Woo won’t allow duplicate SKUs). I have entered the SKUs to have common details, followed by a hyphen and then the bits I want removed. 

How can I replace (with nothing) all text after a given character in a line item?

As an example below are some SKUs I have and what I want them to be. Replace would do it, but I can only get it to replace a whole known string not a string with wildcard. 

Input              Required out

650Hi             650Hi

650Hi-Eco      650Hi

659Hi-Paint    650Hi


I had thought doing Find/Replace -* with [nothing] was the kind of thing I was looking for. 

Any thoughts gratefully received  


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Hi @JasonAndre 

You can use a Zap Code step:

Code step also has AI:



// Extract SKU from line item and remove text after hyphen
const lineItem = inputData.line_item; // Assuming 'line_item' is the variable containing the SKU
const hyphenIndex = lineItem.indexOf('-'); // Find the index of the hyphen
const simplifiedSKU = hyphenIndex !== -1 ? lineItem.substring(0, hyphenIndex) : lineItem;

// Assign the simplified SKU to the output field
output = { simplified_sku: simplifiedSKU };


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Another approach using Formatter > Text > Split (which handles line items)