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  • 28 August 2021
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Made a zap to create event in Google calendar on new task is created in Microsoft todo.
Works find. But, when I update the task, previously created task not updates (by time I mean), but instead new one task is created. So I receive 2 tasks, where 1 is actual and 1 is outdated.

So, I decided to create a zap to remove outdated event in google calendar on update task in Microsoft todo.
But in zap settings I couldn’t find the necessary settings for this.
As you can see from here. I just can choose which event I’m going to remove. But, how zappier can track to which task of microsoft todo this google event belongs to in order to remove it?

Did anyone faced with such problem? How you resolve it?


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2 replies

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Unfortunately, you won’t be able to directly link back from the Google Calendar to the ToDo item it attaches to.

ToDo integration does have a “Find Task” step, so if you can derive the task name from the GCal event name, you can search for it that way *however* Zapier isn’t able to delete ToDo tasks - so you’re going to be stuck here.

Seems we misunderstood each other. I’m curious if microsoft todo have some meta information about task which it creates in google calendar. In this case, on update task due time in microsoft todo, we’re able to find out to which task in google calendar it applies. So in this case we will be able to update time for that specific task in google calendar.