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Remove links and phrases, using Text Formatter?

  • 18 December 2021
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Is there a way to remove links, or anything after a trigger phrase like “https”, from a text string using Text Formatter?

For example, I am trying to create a Twitter > Discord automation. Tweets with “.,” at the end will be posted by Zapier, however I’d like to remove the “.,” and the the “” link at the end before it reaches Discord. 



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HI @ty.rex. Yes, you can remove parts from phrases with ‘Formatter by Zapier’. To remove the ‘.,’, you can choose ‘Replace text’ and then let it search for ‘.,’ and leave the replace value empty. That way, it will just delete the .,. You can do the same for the url, by first extracting the url with the Formatter, and then replacing the url with an empty value.


if the url and the ., are always together at the end, you can also use ‘Split Text’, and split based on the url, and pass the first part to Discord.