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Remove first 6 rows of CSV for import

  • 21 June 2022
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Hello! Recently Zoho updated it’s csv reports and broke a zap I had with a weekly report. I need to now remove the first 6 rows of the CSV to import the new header at row 7 and everything below. Any free service or way I can do this?


Best answer by Troy Tessalone 21 June 2022, 16:51

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8 replies

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Hi @zormstorm 

Good question.

What are the steps in your current Zap?

@Troy Tessalone thanks and see below:

  1. New email coming to zapier
  2. convert file with convertAPI to isolate the csv from the zipped file
  3. delay to let that process correctly for a minute
  4. formatter to get the csv url
  5. formatter to get the csv line items
  6. google sheets spreadsheet import
  7. delay
  8. google sheets lookup
  9. slack channel message

The issues is that I need a step 4.5 to remove the first 6 lines of the CSV file 


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If you are using Gmail as the Zap trigger, then you may be able to use this Zap trigger event if the CSV is not in a Zip file, which would eliminate the need for using ConvertAPI.


You may want to consider using Formatter > Utilities > Import CSV File instead of the other Formatter steps.


NOTE: Depending on how many records are in the CSV file, you can use Looping followed by a Filter step to exclude those rows and then a GSheet Create Row step to populate a GSheet template each time, instead of using GSheets Create Row(s).


Otherwise, it’s likely a Code step would have to be used to remove the first 6 lines before adding to the GSheet:

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Hey @zormstorm! It sounds like the main issue you’re looking to resolve here is removing those first 6 rows. I am wondering: do you have a way of converting this to a Google Sheet? If so, you may be able to add a few steps to delete spreadsheet rows for rows 1-6. If not, you may need to first convert the csv to a Google Sheet using a workaround like this: 

Let me know what you think of those suggestions and what questions you have!

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cc: @jesse 

Keep in mind that the Zap action for GSheet Delete Row only deletes the contents of the row.


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@Troy Tessalone Ahh, thanks for calling that out! It sounds like your suggestion may be the best way to go here then. @zormstorm Let us know if you give Troy’s suggestions a try and if you’re able to get things working the way you’re wanting to here!

Hey @jesse and @Troy Tessalone - thank you both for trying to help. I am using the Formatter > Utilities > Import CSV File but again the issue is I’m unable to remove the extra rows in Zapier it seems without writing code. Hopefully I can edit the original file that gets sent soon to fix this.

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Ahh, gotcha @zormstorm. Thanks for sharing this with us! Sorry there wasn’t a simpler solution here but we definitely appreciate you bringing this to the Community!