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Removal of Mailchimp Group Not Working

  • 3 December 2020
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Hey there, y’all. 

I’m having an issue with this Zap set-up:

Trigger: New Form Submission in Leadpages
Action: Add/Update Subscriber in Mailchimp

What I want to happen when someone submits the Leadpages form is for the user’s Groups to be completely cleared of all previous Groups (let’s say they were already in the “Ongoing” Group) and then added to this other Group instead (in this case, “Survey Opt-Ins”).

Here’s what the setup in my current Zap looks like:

What’s happening instead is that they’re just added to the new Group (Survey Opt-Ins) and REMAIN on the other group (Ongoing).


Here’s what the back end of my Mailchimp setup looks like:


Is the problem maybe that “Ongoing” isn’t in the same Group list as the Opt-Ins? If so, I feel like the solution is to add a whole new Action zap that ALSO removes them from the prior group. That feels silly.

But, could you let me know if you see something I might be missing?


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Hey @Brandi - Have you made any progress here. You may be right that “Ongoing” isn’t in the same Group list as the Opt-Ins - but this might involve some trial and error. 

Alternatively have you tried splitting up the tasks into two different ones - One where you clear the groups, and one where you add them.

What is the response from Mailchimp when you test the zap?

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  1. No progress yet.
  2. According to this Zapier help article, “Replace All” as I have it set should remove the user from ALL assigned Groups (Ongoing, in my case + if I had them assigned to anything else under ANY of my other Groups) and replace it with the new Group (Survey Opt-Ins). Whereas “Replace Matching” would just remove the user from anything under the Group specified (I don’t have anything else under Ongoing, but if I did, that would be removed) and replace it with the new Group (Ongoing). So, this should be working without the need for adding another step in my zap setup.
  3. After all of that, and truly changing nothing about my setup, and then testing the Zap, it worked for me. Problem is—for whatever reason—it hasn’t been working for my client sign-ups.

That said, I’m going to mark this as Resolved because it seems to work in the test of that zap step but it really wasn’t when my clients should have been getting their Groups reassigned.

:shakes fist at magical internet gods for the uncessary trouble: :sweat_smile: