registrants in Go To Webinar do not get over to Active Campaign via Zapier

  • 2 June 2020
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I have people registering in Go To Webinar and they are supposed to go over to Active Campaign, but they do not show up in Active Campaign. Only when I do a test in Zapier does a contact move from Go To Webinar to Active Campaign, but otherwise these contacts do not move over to Active Campaign.  Has anyone know how I can fix this situation? 

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4 replies

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@Patrick5001 has your zap been triggered? If you look in the zap’s task history you’ll be able to see if the zap has run at all. If it has then there’s something else you’ll need to look into (is the Zap set up correctly to do what you want it to do) and if not then you’ll need to look into the trigger of your zap to find out why it’s not triggering/running.

Hi Paul, 

Thanks for the advice on what to do. I just learned about using Active Campaign but I am new to Zapier.

It looks to me like the zap has run from what I can tell. I see the email address in there. But the contact does not go into Active Campaign unless I do a test. So it is not working. 

Can I get you involved in trouble shooting this. Let me know how I can hire you for this? 

I have to go out now, but will be in later tonight or tomorrow morning. 


Patrick KIlhenny 




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Patrick, you can reach out to me via  but that’s only if you don't want to do it yourself. I’m here on this community to help people use Zapier, yes I offer services to do it for them or teach them to do it for hire, but my goal on this community is to inspire, help, and be inspired. 


So if you want to proceed here just post some screenshots of your zap and how it’s set up, this sounds like a two-step zap and it seems like you’re close there’s just one or two things that need to be changed/tweaked and you’ll be off to the races. 

Hi Paul, 

I just called your phone. If you can give me a call I would appreciate it. I wanted to get this zap working to move contacts from Go To Webinar To Active Campaign. I could use help in the next day or two. Please let me know your availability. 


Richard Patrick KIlhenny 

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