Recording Stripe gross and fee amounts in Xero

Hey folks

I’m very new to Zapier and probably should play around with it more to get from crawling to walking - but I have an accounting need that is fairly urgent that I can’t work out.

I have had someone set up Zapier for me to create invoices out of WooCommerce into Xero which are paid through Stripe & PayPal.

What is missing though is a zap that picks up:

  • payments that are made direclty into Stripe & PayPal without going through WooCommerce; and
  • all fee amounts so that I can account for them in Xero.

I could ask the helper to help me again but we are looking to DIY to keep our costs down.

Has anyone set this up before - and are you able to share me what this looks like?


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Hi @NeilTJ,

So you want to create Xero invoices for payments made in Stripe & PayPal (not through woocommerce).

For that you can set up two zaps (one for stripe and another for paypal), which should be very similar to your current WooCommerce to Xero Invoice zap and you might as well copy that zap and just change the trigger.

Here’s how it should look like:

  1. Trigger: New invoice (for stripe) OR successful sale (for paypal)
  2. Action: Create invoice in Xero

Fees like tax or service charge should be configured in Xero directly, you can also use an action in formatter (math operation) if your fees are static.

Hey Rob


Thanks for that. I guess I could do that.


I actually don’t want to create invoices in Xero (these will mostly be donations) but it doesn’t hurt to do it. The fees aren’t static and will always come from Stripe / PayPal which I think is one of the limbs to this that I’m not sure about, given they are expenses but don’t come out of a bank account (and so aren’t ‘spend’ items in Zapier. They are, of course, really just an accounting concept but I’m not sure if Zapier can manage that. I’m sure it can but that’s one of the questions I’m trying to sort out.


Thanks again though - your hint really does help and might be the way I go.




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Hi @NeilTJ ,

If you’re unsure about creating an invoice in Xero, you can check the other actions available:

If not, can you let us know a bit more about how you want to account for the fees in Xero? We might be able to find a solution for you or, at the very least, submit a feature request.

Keep us posted!