Recommendations for a more secure version of Google Sheets?

  • 23 March 2022
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I sell desktop software products that must be protected against theft by a unique license key for each sale.  For years, I have used Infusionsoft to dispense a key when a product is sold.

Now, I need to move to GroovePages, which does NOT have the capability to do this.  I hope to find a way to do this, securely, using Zapier.

I need to make a Zap that can securely dispense (in a delivery email) one license key, from a list of license keys that I will have previously uploaded to the list, when my product gets purchased. After that license has been given to the customer, this one key must be marked as "used," so the next purchaser gets the next key in the list.

I have seen examples of people making Zaps that use Google Sheets to store their list, but Google Sheets cannot be protected.  Can you suggest some App, that has a Zapier integration, that could be used instead of Google Sheets?

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2 replies

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Hi @DrBob_Miller 

Good question.


Can you clarify what you mean by GSheets can be protected?

GSheets has sharing preferences via GDrive:


Try using Airtable:

Thanks for your reply!

I am referring to  , which discusses ways to Protect (against someone modifying your sheet), Hide your sheet, and Editing your sheet.

With regard to Protecting, the article says “ If you don’t want people to change the content in a spreadsheet, you can protect it. This shouldn’t be used as a security measure. People can print, copy, paste, and import and export copies of a protected spreadsheet. Only share spreadsheets with people you trust. ”

With regard to Hiding, it says

“ Hiding a sheet is not the same as protecting a sheet.

  • All spreadsheet editors can unhide and view these sheets.
  • Spreadsheet viewers can’t see hidden sheets. If someone makes a copy of the spreadsheet, the sheets will stay hidden, but they’ll be able to unhide the sheets. ”

Based on the above, it looks to me like there is a non-zero chance that a committed hacker could get all of our unused keys, IF they could find the spreadsheet.

I need a way to store license keys in a secure way, because each stolen license key could activate one of my desktop software products, which sell for up to $600 each. We have had problems like that before, and I don’t want it to ever happen again.

Am I misinformed about this?