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Recommendation for email integration service

  • 1 June 2020
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I’ve been building a specialized CRM and I’m now looking to be able to allow for end-users to send reminder emails to their clients. I was planning on implimenting this through Firebase and SendGrid but I’m thinking that maybe it’d be quicker to use Zapier for the MVP.


Does anybody have recommendations for which services they like for this use-case? I’ve considered MailGun and SendGrid but that’s because they’re the only 2 I’ve been exposed to. The criteria I need is:

  • Zapier Compatible for quick MVP deployment
  • Good API documentation for non-Zapier related integrations
  • Email verification (so that emails don’t send to bad email addresses) 

Everything else is pretty flexible. My first concern is finding a service that is pleasant to use. Any recommendation would be appreciated.


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@DataBass What are the problems with MailGun or SendGrid? I think both of these qualify based on your criteria.

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There's nothing wrong with those services, I just wanted to see if anybody had any other recommendations before I commit to something simply because of name recognition.

I haven't been incredibly active in following email services so I don't know if something better or more popular has come around in the past year or so. 

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Gotcha, I’d turn to searching for that answer then… like or I tend to search for product alternatives either on producthunt or via google auto suggest by typing in product name (mailgun in this case and then vs, and I get some nice suggestions of apps for me to check out their features etc. 

I cannot give opinions on any of these as I haven’t used any of them recently. 

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I switched to PostMark a while ago, and have been very happy with both the ease of using their integration with Zapier and with their support.  I originally used Mandrill when it was still up and before MailChimp re-absorbed them. 

PostMark has API, templates, samples of all sorts.  I use it in conjunction with Airtable and/or Acuity Scheduling for sending reminders etc.  It covers a lot of ground!



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Beautiful, thank you for the recommendations!