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Read Receipt Logic - Email by Zapier

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Hi all,

Here is my case:

  1. Send an email (Email by Zapier) - OK
  2. Wait 1 day
  3. IF email was read (read receipt) sent email A
  4. ELSE send email B

I can’t get no 2 and 4 to work. Since Read Receipt has to be the starting trigger in a new Zap.

Other tricky issue is testing the Read Receipt trigger in the blind.


Thank you for your time!


Best answer by GetUWired 5 May 2021, 15:53

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Hi @morariu 

you will need to create a database to store who you’ve sent emails to and who you’ve received read receipts from. 

Airtable would be a great solution for this. 

Create a new record when an email gets sent out, (first zap)

when you receive a read receipt find and update the record to indicate the email has been read. (second zap)

Then set up a trigger from an Airtable view, configure the view so that any record will show up 24 hours after it was initially created. Then using Paths by Zapier to send them to email A or email B depending on whether they have been marked as read or not. (3rd zap)

If you’d like me to set it up for you, please send a private message and I’d be happy to discuss that option. 


Tim @ GetUWired

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@GetUWired thank you for the advice. I’ll contact you if we’re deciding to go ahead with this solution.

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Just checking in to see if you still need help with this?