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Re-run a Zapier until a task is complete

  • 30 March 2021
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I’m halfway there to getting a zap dialed in. I’m trying to send out a reminder email to a project manager until the task is complete to provide a schedule update. We use Dropbox to store an chronologically dated Excel file. It’s labeled sequentially with the date it’s made (i.e. “Daily Report MM-DD-YYYY.xlsx”). Workflow so far is:

  1. At 3P daily during the week check the specified Dropbox folder for the Daily Report Excel.
  2. If found, send me an email to review.
  3. If not found, send an email to the project manager reminding him to do it.
    1. Check again in an hour to see if the folder is updated with the new file.
    2. If it’s updated within an hour, go back to step 2.
    3. If not  updated send another email reminding them to do it. Repeat this every hour until it’s done.

My solution so far is:

  1. Schedule by Zapier Trigger everyday at 3P
  2. Dropbox “Find File” action looking up the Daily Report based on the trigger date filling in the variable date.
  3. PATH A: If Dropbox finds the file, send me an email telling me to review the file.
  4. PATH B: If Dropbox doesn’t find the file, send project manager an email and CC me to do the work.
    1. Delay by Zapier for 1-hour.
    2. ???? then what?

Not sure if there’s a better way to capture this. I *think* if I can loop after the Delay by Zapier to search for the file again I can make it work. What do you guys think?



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Hi @FullerElectric 

Check out this video about the concepts of creating a looping Zap that can be modified to include delays and different actions steps.


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@Troy Tessalone this look like it’ll work wonderfully! My only question is it doesn’t look like I can test the zap using “Run Zap” when the trigger is a webhook. My other zaps I can select “Run Zap” to trigger it manually. Any words of wisdom there?

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You can trigger the Zap by entering the webhook into a web browser.

Webhooks help articles:

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