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Randomly tag different users in weekly Slack channel message

  • 4 August 2020
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I have this usecase:


A channel with +60 people where we want to have some automation set up so that everyweek the “bot” at Monday will write something like “what are you up to this week - Brandon” and next week it does the same only difference is that it now tags Henry, instead of Brandon

Hope this is somehow possible with zapier


Feel free to contact me if you have any solutions


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You might not need Zapier for this. There are native apps like Picker seems to do something like what you want.

You are absolutely correct! Adam, but i am not able to do this by automatic (or at least I can't figure out to) - I cant set it to fx /reminder #channel /picker to do stuff every week

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Hey there @MTA ! We’ve got a few different bots that do this in the Zapier Slack workspace, so I know it’s possible. 

One way I can think of to do this would be to set something up like:

  1. Schedule by Zapier (trigger every Monday at the time you want)
  2. Formatter » Numbers » Spreadsheet-style formula, and then a random selection formula—RANDBETWEEN(1,60)—where the larger number would be whatever number is in the spreadsheet you’ll set up in the next step
  3. Google Sheets » Lookup Spreadsheet Row (or another spreadsheet program with that action step)
  4. Slack » Find user by email (use the email address from the Google Sheets step)
  5. Slack » Send channel message (In this step, to get Slack to tag the person randomly selected from your spreadsheet, you’ll want to format the results from the fourth step like this <@ID>, where the ID is pulled in from the output of the fourth step. It would look like this:

A few notes on this method:

  1. Set the spreadsheet up in advance. It should include one column called “numbers” and one called “email addresses.” Numbers would just go in order from 1 to whatever your upper limit is.
  2. You’d have to update the spreadsheet when new people join or leave the channel, and change the RANDBETWEEN numbers when that happens (so, if someone new joins, you’d need to add their email address and a number, and change the number in your Formatter step from 60 to 61). 

Hi Janine! 


That is a super awesome solution! - I don't see any problems with the updating group with email, since it is going to be a pretty much-locked group of people! 


I will be diving headfirst into this later today! =)