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Quickbooks Online Trigger for upcoming reoccurring payment

  • 27 October 2020
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Any thoughts on how to create a notification email to customers that a reoccurring payment will be processed on “X” date?  Quickbooks appears to have set triggers and other workflows for invoices but not for reoccurring payments?   Right now I have to run a manual process that creates a spreadsheet and apply some macros to it for an Outlook email to get generated.  


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(Disclaimer - There are so many ways to achieve this - My suggestion here is not necessarily the best, sanest, or simplest - It’s just the first thing that came to my head

If you can’t handle this in Quickbooks, have you tried handling this in an external tool. I love Airtable, so my mind tends to immediately think of how I’d handle it using their “New record in view” trigger. 

Flow would look like this:

  1. Send recurring payment info to Airtable (user, name, email, cost, date of payment etc)
  2. Create a view that filters based on payment date - e.g. “Date of payment” is in 3 days
  3. Trigger zap off that view
  4. Send email reminder
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Thanks for the response.  This really doesn’t solve the problem.  I’m trying to get a automation direct from QB without having a manual export process.  Once the data is out of QB sending the email is the easy part.  I was wondering if anyone had figured out a way to auto trigger out of QB.