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QuickBooks OnLine - Auto Send Invoice Emails

  • 21 November 2022
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Trying to set up my first KEAP to QuickBooks OnLine Zap - I want to create an invoice in QBO when a tag is applied in KEAP.

I have the Trigger (Tag applied in KEAP) working fine.

The next step - Find Customer in QuickBooks OnLine is working fine

The Create an Invoice in QuickBooks OnLine is not instructing QBO to auto email the invoice to the customer.

How do I get it to do that?




Best answer by Rachael S 22 November 2022, 15:46

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13 replies

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Hi there @rgrabows - I see you are also chatting with our pals over in Support, and they were able to troubleshoot a spot in your Zap that may be causing it to not function as intended. I’m copying their response below in case anyone else comes across a similar roadblock: 


I've taken a look at the Zap and it looks like there are some fields that need to be remapped from Keap. Please see the highlighted fields in this screenshot for your reference:


Please do let us know if remapping this field helps you get your QBO Zap working properly and we look forward to hearing about your progress!



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Thanks.  The zap is now working correctly, however, when the invoice is sent to QBO, it is not emailing out the to customer. How do I get that to happen?

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Hi @rgrabows!

have you tried using this Quickbooks action in your Zap, out of curiosity:


As far as I can tell, that should do it for you :) Instead of choosing a specific invoice, you would use the Custom option and map the invoice ID from the Create Invoice step.

Can you give that a shot to see if it works for you?

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I tried that, and it did not work :(  I received this error:

Failed to create a send invoice in QuickBooks Online

Object Not Found: Object Not Found : TxnType does not match read: Payment expected: Invoice, Quickbooks Field: Transaction Type

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Hi @rgrabows 


This would happen if the invoice ID doesn't exist. As @nicksimard highlighted in his reply, you should pass the invoice ID from the previous step (Create Invoice) which would be shown as ID (its a number as shown in the below screenshot). BEWARE, dont confuse the invoice ID with the Invoice Number. The invoice number in the screenshot below is 10001, while the invoice ID in QBO is 57. 


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I’m using “Custom” as the ID # will change each time.  When I put “ID” in the search, the #6301 is brought up, but when I search for the invoice #, the ID # under it is 83315.  How do I know which field to use when using custom?

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The correct one is ID (6301) , custom is the correct way to do it. 


Im guessing you were using the 83315? 

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no, I was using ID 6301

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And what about the email field? Did you add a value in that? 

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yes, the email from the order

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Hi @rgrabows 


Please check the invoice ID field (screenshot it) and search for 6301 then click it.


also, try to input a static email for now that you know would work. (your personal email). 


Test it this way and see what happens. 

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I figured out what was wrong - I was trying to send the invoice using information from Step 2 of my Zap, not Step 3. I’ve got it working now.  Thanks for your help.

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Great work 🙌🏻 @rgrabows

Thanks for letting us know that you were able to get this Zap working 🙂