Quickbooks - Custom field in new estimate

  • 30 January 2023
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I am trying to return the value of a custom field in an estimate on Quickbooks online.

I can see the information is received by zapier in the zap history “data out” from quickbooks to zapier when a new estimate is created but there appears no way to use this data when setting up the action to send it out to the email.

Has anyone got this working or failing that can I add a vote to having it added as an obvious thing that should really work?

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3 replies

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Hi @AlexM2020!

That’s odd, is it all custom fields that aren’t appearing in the send email action or just one specific field?

Would you mind sharing a screenshot of the options you’re seeing in that email action? We can’t see into your Zap so a screenshot would be super helpful to give us some more context here. 

Looking forward to hearing from you! 🙂  


I can see the custom fields are returned to zapier on the event (New Estimate) as below. I am trying to use the “Sales Rep” field to let the sales rep know that the estimate has been entered.

However the custom fields are not accessible (as far as I can see) as data to use in the action. I have looked through the full list as well just in case it’s called something else but it’s definitely not there.


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Thanks for getting back to me with those screenshots here, @AlexM2020! 🙂

Ah, it looks as though the custom fields are being sent over as line items. So what you could do is try to convert the line items into text strings. That would then allow you to select each field separately. We have a guide on how to do that here: Convert line items into text strings

Want to check out that guide and let us know if that does the trick?