Quickbooks Commerce - Notification when purchase order received in full

  • 23 March 2021
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Hi all,


I am trying to create a Zap that sends a notification via email when a purchase order is received in full.

I can find triggers for sales order but not for purchase orders, am I missing something ?

We currently have Quickbooks commerce, not QB online, is that a requirement for this ?


On a side note would I be able to pull stock data daily from QBC and paste on a Gsheet using Zap ? A daily SOH report.


Thanks in advance

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5 replies

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Hi @gmq 

Check out the available triggers/actions/searches for each app...





Hi Troy

thanks for the answer


I have previously checked that without luck;  that's why I ended up posting on the community.


I guess my question is, if it's not showing on the offered triggers there is no way around it from zapiers perspective and should look into a customised API from QBC side ?

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Yes, look into the QBC API, specifically webhooks:


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@gmq  Like Troy mentioned, 


for specific requirements like what you want, making a webhook would be better. 


  • In zapier, use the trigger step Catch a Hook. It is going to provide you a custom URL, save it. You'll need that URL for the next step.
  • Then in your QB account you're going to set up the app to send Purchase orders/details to that custom URL. 


This video might help you a bit more on how to set up the webhook on the QB side:


Let me know if you more help. Likewise, if you need consultation or if you want my company to make the zap for you, feel free to reach out -



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Hey @gmq, hope you’re well!

I just wanted to check in on this post, were you able to find the information you needed with replies from Jhealyn and Troy?