Questions about ConnectWise Manage and Mailchimp Integrations/Zaps

  • 5 November 2020
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We are running into issues creating Zaps between ConnectWise Manage and Mailchimp.  We are trying to create a zap so that when a prospect is added to ConnectWise, it creates a new contact in MailChimp and tags it as a prospect. Unfortunately, it seems that Zapier doesn’t pull the “Company Type” information we have in ConnectWise which is what tells us whether a contact is a prospect or a client. To work around this we thought we could add a tag called “Prospect” in ConnectWise and have this trigger the zap to create the new contact in MailChimp and tag it as a prospect. Now, however, it seems that Zapier can’t read the new type and it is also pulling inactive contacts from ConnectWise. 

Has anyone else had issues with this? What did you do to work around it? Or, are we being dumb and going about this the wrong way? Help!

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3 replies

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Hi @Wayne 

Sorry we missed this! Did you get it sorted?

If not, I’m happy to flag this so someone on the Zapier team can get a feature request added for you.



We are trying to do the same, but our Zap doesn’t seem to look up the email address of the contact. It says the EMAIL ID field is empty and it isn’t :) 

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So I can fully understand here - can you show a screenshot of where you’re seeing this, and how your zap is configured?