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Question about Twitter metrics to retrieve after a new tweet trigger

  • 14 October 2022
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Hi everyone. I am new to Zapier. I want to get tweet metrics after a “new tweet trigger” and save them to google sheets.

Some of the metrics I’d like to retrieve are impressions, engagements, likes, retweets, replies, profile visits, and new followers (see screen attached from Twitter).

However, I haven’t found all of those metrics in Zapier. Can you help me find them, or let me know if some of them are not available?





Best answer by Troy Tessalone 14 October 2022, 19:39

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4 replies

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Hi @mjaramillo 

Good question.

The Twitter Zap app integration only has these actions available.


Hi @Troy Tessalone , thanks for your reply. I wish to generate a trigger (like a new tweet), and retrieve information from that (the metrics I mentioned in my original post). Do you think getting a metric such as impressions is possible? There is a lot of variables that you can retrieve after a tweet, and I may be missing the ones I want

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There is no Twitter Zap action to search for a Tweet and get the metrics.

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Hi @mjaramillo, I like that idea and I imagine that would be super useful info for you when it comes to content. Please reach out to support so we can look into setting up a feature request. Hopefully this is something that can be implemented in the near future 🤗