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Query multiple columns values to get multiple google sheet rows

  • 15 October 2021
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I am currently getting multiple values from google sheets, and running a loop action after that. Currently I am only able to query on one or two google sheets columns, however I would like to query on more columns, any one know how to do that?


My get around to this currently is using a filter after retrieving multiple rows. This however causes inefficiency in my zap due to multiple iterations that are being always filtered.


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Hi @maor356 

Keep in mind that GSheets via Zaps has a limit to 10/20 returned rows max depending on the action being used.

If you’re trying to use GSheets, one workaround is to use another Tab with formulas (FILTER/QUERY) that return results from the master list of rows.


Another option is to use an operational database app instead of GSheets, such as Airtable which has advanced querying capabilities for a single row.

Airtable also has APIs that can be leveraged to returned up to 100 results per page.