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Putting Webhooks in Emails to trigger actions

  • 13 April 2020
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I’m looking to use Zapier to trigger something like a drip campaign, wherein the recipient will have multiple options to click on. Some of those options I’d like to be able to capture back into a Zap to push data to an airtable. So the rough workflow is…


  1. Generate Email from airtable content [done]
  2. Add trigger Webhook links to Email [stuck]
  3. Send email [done]
  4. If user clicks on any Webhook link, update a row in Airtable [stuck]

Anyone have any pointers? I’m basically stuck on the first part of getting Webhooks integrated.

Thank you!


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Hi Jeremy,

That sounds like an interesting workflow challenge! I tried simply sending a webhook link in an email and having a Zap that triggers on a Catch Hook, but clicking on the link didn’t trigger the Zap. It also sends folks to an ugly page like this:

I’m not 100% sure if this is going to be possible without using an email marketing app that can trigger on link clicks, but if anyone would be able to help you out with this it would be our Support team. I’ve escalated this to them since they really will be best equipped to help you out with this one :)

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Hi @jtoeman - Thank you for your patience! I saw that you were able to resolve this issue with Eliza from Zapier Support. So awesome! I wanted to share your solution so the rest of our community can check what the solution was:

You could try creating one Zap that sends the email with 3 links:

Then another Zap with a webhook trigger to catch the webhook you are sending. In this case, you have 2 options:
1. To have 3 Zaps with a webhook trigger and filter the result from the webhook to catch approve, decline or request info data.
2. The same could be achieved with paths (using 3 paths for approve, decline and request data), but they are available to Pro plans and above.

To include webhooks: You'll want to trigger the Zaps from those webhooks, so you'll have to use the Catch Hook trigger

Please let us know if you have any further questions!